Capricci is mad for Italian chocolate, and they have selected the best small producers around Italy, featuring a wide range of "cioccolatos" both for the foodie and for the connoisseur who are looking for a special and prestigious gift.

From Apulia to Piedmont, to Sicily: most Italian regions produce outstanding chocolate in different styles, and the aim of Capricci is to bring their peculiarities to the attention of the client.

From a very small laboratory near Florence in Tuscany come round cake-shaped excellences with marron glacée, wild berries, figs and many more (including selected mono-cultivars). From Turin, Piedmont, which is the most renowned location for chocolate in Italy, it is made with PDO hazelnuts ("Tonda gentile del Piemonte” variety) and served as pralines or tartufi (truffle-shape) in sizes from the one-bite 10 grams to the gorgeous 1200 gram bar.


A small boutique in Padova, Veneto, produces luxury looking and appetising line of glazed wafers, ("carrée Plaisir”, white "lingot”, "pistachio” and dark, "Appetiser Mediterranée” are the names of these delicacies).

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